With the encouragement of my professor, Aya Takashima, I submitted these entries into the NOVA ALEXANDRIA PHOTO + MEDIA NOVA ALEXANDRIA PHOTO + MEDIA Juried Spring 2022 Show. Since I have been preoccupied, I haven't printed these images, so I submitted digital copies just before the midnight deadline on Thursday two weeks ago. 

To my surprise, I received an Honorable Mention and the Faculty Award. It made me smile. It's nice to be recognized.

This is what Jenee Mateer, the juror and Art and Design Chair and Professor at Towson University, wrote about my work:

"Shulie Madnick uses incongruous elements to surprise the viewer.  In one she hangs green tortillas on a clothesline and in another places a hook in a wedge of cheese.  The use of white as the primary backdrop in each intensifies the surreal, dreamlike quality of the images." - Jenee Mateer, Juror.

Green Laundry. Copyright ©ShulieMadnick

Jenee Mateer, further wrote about all the selected students' works as a whole:

"I looked for images that are striking for their use of color, light, texture, and form as well as their ability to communicate narrative, to delight with absurdity, to capture our culture and identities and/or to subvert what we expect to see. We are inundated by images in our daily lives and yet good photographs remind us that there are still things that we have not seen or perhaps can only see in a photograph.  They still have the power to surprise and engage us, preserve our memories, and stimulate our imaginations." - Jenee Mateer, Juror

Milk. Cheese. Calf. Copyright ©ShulieMadnick

You can view all the selected works here or in-person on the NOVA Alexandria campus art gallery.